Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Webinar: Vitalect's Learning Corner - A Marketplace for Courses!

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Vitalect's Learning Corner - A Marketplace for Courses!

When: 19, Jun 2014, Thurs, 11.00 am Pacific/2.00 pm ET)
Host & Presenter: Pran Kurup (Founder & CEO, Vitalect, Inc.)

Who should attend
  • If you have courses to sell.
  • Anyone looking to generate revenue from e-learning. 
  • If you are interested learning more about HR courses in the Learning Corner.
  • If you are interesting in learning more about Vitalect's Learning Corner. 
Duration: 35 minutes 
Description: You have courses to sell? We have the place to sell. If you are interested in publishing your courses in an e -learning marketplace and earn revenue from them then this webinar is for you.

"Seeing is believing" - so in this webinar we will show and tell - how to sell your courses via a marketplace. It can be anything ranging from presentations to YouTube video tutorials that might attract users from all around the world. We will set it up in our marketplace and you can earn revenue from purchases on those courses. We suggest you come and try it out!

Thank You!