Friday, June 06, 2014

Vitalect announces a new learning content partner, Vado.

6, June 2014 – Vitalect announces a new learning content partner, Vado. Vado will provide content to Vitalect’s popular eLearning platform.

Vado’s learning courses are designed to help organizations take action to develop competencies, increase engagement, and quickly onboard and socialize new employees. Vado’s content will be available through Vitalect's Learning Corner service (, a market place for publishing and selling courses. 

“We are pleased to partner with Vitalect to provide our unique learning content that is “changing the face of learning,” comments Cindy Pascale, Vado’s CEO. “We offer learning content in six areas: Competency Development, Project Management, Business Writing Skills, Engagement and Retention, Career Development and Onboarding. Our learning content is delivered in small bite sized chunks to maximize learning retention. Additionally, all courses include a step by step Implementation Guide leveraging the natural way people learn—on the job. Finally, Vado offers Mapping as a Service where, on a complimentary basis, we will map our learning content to a client’s competency model, engagement survey, turnover drivers, an instructor led workshop, or any learning objective a company is looking to develop.”

“With Vado’s content, learners are not only gaining new knowledge, but clear action to apply what they learned on the job. Besides, a powerful, easy to use platform combined with great content is a perfect combination to address customer challenges” commented Vitalect CEO, Pran Kurup. The addition of Vado courses to Vitalect's Techniq™ family of products is expected to kick start a productive eLearning partnership.

About Vitalect: 

Vitalect is an eLearning software solutions company focused on providing a suite of tools and technologies that help organizations effectively manage their training services. Vitalect provides the Techniq™ family of products, a robust suite of tools and technologies for delivering online training. The Techniq™ platform is seamlessly integrated with Cisco-WebEx™, Citrix®, Salesforce™, and payment gateways such as PayPal™ and™. Vitalect also provides the Learning corner, a market place for selling courses, where the Vado courses will be featured. The learning corner hosts courses from individual contributors to front line business leaders.

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About Vado:

Vado is an employee and management development e-learning courseware provider. Vado’s learning content is offered through a network of resellers spanning five continents. Vado is one of the only learning content providers whose entire library of courses is optimized for the mobile learner. 

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