Wednesday, September 27, 2006

UC Berkeley class lectures on Google Video

Saw the news about UC Berkeley making lectures available on Google video. I think its a great step forward and a small peek into the future of education. Wonder how the faculty feel about this? At one level the exposure is certainly good for them. At another level they might want to actually benefit monetarily from the "open access" to their lectures. In ny case, its a great step forward by the University.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brandon Hall goes Social Networking

The Brandon Hall folks seem to be making a foray into social networking. In concept, this seems like a fine idea both for their subscribers as well as for themselves. But I suspect they have clearly ticked off a whole bunch of their potential users by phasing out their popular Yahoo Group. I think it was a bad move to squash a successful email list to start with. Not to mention that it was a PR snafu to force users to move to their new social network. A number of subscribers to the yahoogroup have now formed a new group.