Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Techniq Platform-MS Word Integration

The Techniq platform is now integrated with Microsoft Word. Users can easily import a MS-Word file into the Techniq Platform. The content in these files are automatically indexed and hence searchable. The content can then be categorized and tagged appropriately. The content can also be edited within the Techniq Platform.

If you are looking for a common searchable repository for content from your Word files, Powerpoint as well as training content in elearning form, the Techniq platform is your answer!

Friday, March 17, 2006

New! Powerpoint import to Techniq LCMS

I am happy to report that we now allow easy and seamless import of powerpoint files into the Techniq LCMS. This integration makes it possible to leverage your existing powerpoint files while getting the maximum out of the Techniq Platform. Once you import the powerpoint you can easily structure the contents, as well as add additional content like FAQ, Audio, Audio script etc. Further more, the content is automatically indexed and can be searched. Importing Powerpoint requires no Powerpoint plugins.

If you have hordes of powerpoint content and have been struggling with getting them onto the web in browser independent, searchable form, the Techniq platform is your best solution! Besides, for all those Powerpoint lovers, this is a must try feature!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Search across courses: Addressing Learner Impatience

Research has shown that the attention span of most internet users is only a few seconds. With such a clear trend, expecting users to take long courses online might just be asking for too much. This does not mean that there aren't users who would not sit through an online self-paced course. The truth is there are many who simply don't have the patience. In the Internet Age we live in, its all about information and news being mere mouse clicks away. Inshort, there is universal impatience and an obsession with instant gratification.

We were quick to recognize this at Vitalect and we have tuned our platform to address this issue of "learner impatience". Very often learners would run into situations where they know that they did come across some content in a particular course but do not recall the details of the course. On other occasions learners might just want to know about a specific issue or topic. The content in these cases could be a part of a specific course. At the same time the user might not have the patience to go through the entire course. To address this challenge, we have incorporated a "search across courses" functionality. This means users can login and search for any content and retrieve the specific content as well as its larger context ("the course").

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Free Ad Supported Courses!

Would you like to create course content and automatically have ads appear in your content. The Techniq Platform has been turned to support this. Take a look at a handful of our free courses!

Synonym Search

We have now added the synonym search capability to the Techniq platform. You could always specify keywords while adding content to the Techniq platform. Now we have added the ability to specify synonyms when categorizing the content. Thus, while searching the contents you can search for synonyms of words as well.

Friday, March 03, 2006

New! Indexing feature added to Techniq Author

Automatic Index Generation! We have added this exciting new capability to the Techniq Author. Create your course and simply select "Insert Index". The system automatically creates an Index page just as you would found in a regular hard copy book. The index page is automatically cross-referenced, so you can easily click on the links and go t the relevant page.