Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Web Conferencing made easy!

To meet online is increasingly becoming the norm. In fact, online meetings have been increasingly gaining popularity over the last several years, thanks to services like Google Hangouts. At the same time, there are commercial solutions that are available as well. 

We are happy to announce the availability of Techniq Meeting, a simple, easy to use, online web conferencing tool.  Participants can use webcams to see each other and their headsets to speak via VOIP. 

The presenter needs to install Java in order to screen share. Other than this no installs are required. The presenter can however, share docs, ppts etc. during the presentation rather easily.

The presenter can also record the session. For now, we allow up to 10 attendees per session. Registrants can manage their contacts and easily invite other attendees from their contacts.

And guess what,this service is free!

Give it a test drive, try it today and do send us your feedback!