Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Feature Release: Video Chat Integration!

We are glad to announce the introduction of a whole new video chat facility. We have integrated WebRTC, a free, open project which enables crystal clear audio and a rich video experience.The WebRTC integration now allows users in the system to chat among themselves and to the Admins. 

In this day and age of real time social interaction, with the video chat along with social media integration, comment system and the discussion forums, our system is now equipped with every kind of interaction options a user might need. Imagine a situation where a learner might have a doubt regarding the course content. Right now they have to rely on comments and/or emails to raise the question and then wait to hear back from the Admin. But with this new facility in place they can always initiate a chat with an Admin in a new window and get it clarified then and there itself. They can also interact with fellow students to share useful information. 

It is not just the learners that can benefit from this. The video chat also allows the Admins to reach out to certain students in real time. We are certain that this can improve the overall efficiency of your workflow. And as you can imagine, end user support becomes much more efficient if you can speak directly to the client in real time. 

With the webrtc integration, the only requirement for you to start a video chat is to be logged into the system. No additional software is required.No browser plugins are required. No additional registrations are required and as expected, you can change your status to not available or busy just in case you want to work without distractions. The video chat is compatible with the latest versions of major browsers like Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome (IE is not supported). Since the video chat is enabled only for the users in the system, spammers will be kept out of the chat facility. If you haven't already signed up to our system, please do so now, switch ON your camera and let us know how much do you like the all new, rich, hassle free real time video chat experience. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at support@vitalect.com