Thursday, February 27, 2014

Interesting custom requirements

Thanks to online solutions that help manage training in so many flavors - self-paced courses, Instructor-led Training, Virtual classes, Videos, etc. customers have the ability to easily maintain and track records of different learners in one centralized location. However, of late, we have come across cases where customers need to blend different types of course offerings in rather unique (and somewhat unusual) ways which we in the technology world don't always plan for.  Let me explain this via an example. 

What is a typical virtual class? It is a class that is offered online. This means that individual learners and the instructor get online in front of their respective computers for the class and participate in a live interactive class. The instructor and the learners can be physically located pretty much anywhere on the planet provided they have a computer (or mobile phone) and a reliable Internet connection. This is in short is a virtual class or an online live class. Now, here is the twist in the tale. In some locations, instead of one learner you have a room full of learners watching the class on a single computer displayed on a large monitor!  

In practice, all these people gathered in the room attending the live class are technically "attendees". But the virtual class delivery platform tracks users and their participation levels based on individual logins to the training class/session. In this case however, you have one login and many attendees! How does the system track these individual attendees when they haven't logged into the system? If you want to issue certificates of attendance how would the system handle that? 

This is where integration between the virtual platform and a learning management system can come in very handy. In our system we have a mechanism to precisely handle this scenario. Nevertheless, we must confess that we didn't realize that we had the ability to handle this scenario until one of our prospects described this scenario to us. After a little thought, light bulbs went off, and we realized we did have a mechanism to handle this without the need for any customization. In fact, it wasn't even a workaround!

In other words, this was a case of a custom requirement that needed no customization on our part! If you wish to learn more about this join our next webinar on March 6, 2014 that focuses on integration of Techniq platform with the Citrix GoToTraining service.