Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A simple lesson from a prospect to begin the year!

I had a very interesting experience the other day. I was talking to a prospect today and she said, "There are 495 other products like yours out in the market. My job is to make a shortlist and provide it to my boss." Then she went on to explain, "The first thing I do is to see if the company has updated its website of late. If it has never been updated in years then its a red flag. Then I try to see if I can go through the website and understand what they have to offer. If I can't, I move on"

If you think about it, this prospect was right on the money. If someone can't figure out what you do after spending a few minutes on the website, then you are more than likely to lose them. Besides, if you are in the business of learning solutions the least you could do is quickly educate your visitors on what is that you do. (We have used a combination of videos, a registration for a free test drive of our system and additional content)

It's amazing how much you can learn from just simply talking with prospects and customers. It might seem like stating the obvious but in the hustle and bustle of our daily activity we tend to forget and overlook the otherwise simple things. In a world, where your website is a window to the world, negligence can be costly because you might be losing a customer that you could have had by making a few simple changes to your website. 

A nice way to begin the first week of the year - with a simple lesson from a prospect!