Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Techniq Online University-Citrix Online Integration

During our product demonstrations we often get asked about our integration with Webex Training Center and Citrix Online's GoToTraining product. Customers and prospects wish to know what it is, why it is important and how it can help them. In this blog post we explore these issues further.In this blog we will discuss our Techniq Online Platform's integratation with Citrix Online's Gototraining product/service. Firstly, this integration with Citrix Online products like GoTo Training helps our clients manage all their training under one integrated platform. It serves as an integrated custom portal for all forms of training courses including self-paced courses, videos, podcasts, live in-person traditional classes and Citrix Online Training sessions. This portal acts as a single point of entry for all end-users – customers, partners, employees, administrators, course authors, managers etc.

Overview of the Flow

The Techniq Online University acts as the front-end to the end-user while communicating with Citrix Online products at the backend. This is completely transparent to the end-user. A registered user on our platform can sign up for a Citrix Online Training session and later join the session at the Event start time from the Techniq Online University or directly via the email they receive on registration. Administrators can schedule GoTo Training sessions from within our platform. In other words, they do not have to login to Citrix Gototraining. The Admin can also
manage these training sessions as well from within our platform. For example, the Admin can Register users for the training sessions from within the University and run reports about the session. This information about Attendees and Registrations is available through the Techniq Online platform without the Admin having to access the GoToTraining site. 

Once the session is scheduled successfully it appears on the Register page of the Techniq Online University so end-users might register for the session from within the University. The Admin has the ability to manually register users to sessions as well. The user will be notified through email about the registration. At the Event start time, the user can join the session as soon as the Admin or host starts the session. The Admin can also run registration reports for a session which will give information about user registration for the session. Attendee reports can be run after the session which will provide attendee information for the session. Based on the attendance at these sessions the Admin can issue custom certificates of attendance to attendees. The Attendees can login anytime and download these certificates on-demand. Once a session is completed, the Admin can create a self-paced course of the session recording. This can be made available to attendees or to all users of the platform. Alternately, the Admin can record a session without any attendees and make the recording available along with a test. On passing test the end-user can be automatically issued a certificate of completion.

These are just some of the key aspects of the integration. Using this integration helps training providers the ability to present a common front-end to its customers and allows their administrators manage the training site through one seamlessly integrated system. If you wish to test drive the integration please sign up for access to our demo site