Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Educational Sites: Citizen Journalists, Civics' Lessons for kids

There is little doubt about the power of Internet in the field of education. I came across two useful educational sites today, each useful in its own way.

The first is a site promoted by retired Supreme Court Justice Day O'Connor, aimed at teaching kids about the Government, the Courts and Civics, in general. It a simple and informative site targeted and tuned for kids. To develop greater civic engagement there is no better place to start than with kids. Teachers can make use of this site as well to teach, develop lesson plans etc.

The second is a site aimed at educating the "citizen journalist" to be a better reporter. (I first read about this site here). In this day and age where pretty much anyone with Internet access and PC (or cell phone) can be a reporter (of some sort), a site of this nature can be of great help in learning from the experts.

As someone in the education business, it is always great to see new sites emerge to serve specific targeted educational needs.