Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Techniq Platform: Skype Integration

One of the leading "really cool" technologies that have come to the forefront in recent times is Skype. The power of free PC-PC phone calls over the Internet was unimaginable a few years back. Today, it has become quite common place with a proliferation of VOIP telephone providers.

At Vitalect we were quick to notice a clear and direct application for Skype in the web-based learning business. While taking a self-paced online course, its highly possible that learners might have queries whose answers they are unable to find anywhere in the course. I these circumstances, ther best bet is to reach the instructor of the course. On the Vitalect platform we have provided this capability though the use of the Skype's powerful and reliable technology. Thanks to this interface, the Instructor is just a click away.

Customers of the Vitalect platform can choose to enable this feature in the Vitalect Techniq Tutor dashboard at the time of initial setup. Instructors can be specified at the course level. Learners who don't have Skype installed will be prompted to install Skype before contacting the instructor. Instructors can pre-announce and schedule office hours to inform their students about their hours of availability.