Wednesday, October 27, 2004

New Book on Online Learning

Heard about a new book on Online Learning from Cisco. Considering that Cisco has been a big proponent of online learning, it doesn't come as a surprise. At one time Cisco's CEO John Chambers was a very visible proponent of eLearning and its potential to be the NEXT big application for the Internet. Ironically, one venture capitalist once said to me, "If I got a penny for everytime I saw a quote from Chambers about eLearning on a website or on a business plan, I would have done better than I did on all my eLearning investments combined!"

I wish Cisco had taken the Creative Commons approach to licensing and made it freely available online like some recent authors and publishers have done recently. If Cisco's leadership can spend several millions on online education and evangelizing its true poential, why not make the book freely available online? I think the mission of spreading online learning and its business case will be better served by doing this.

The sample chapter available at the Cisco site doesn't say much, unfortunately. In fact, I found it more self-serving than insightful (which I was hoping for). Hope to check out the book some time, nevertheless!