Thursday, September 09, 2004

MS-Word-Techniq Platform: Plug and play

Microsoft dominates the desktop. MS-Office is omnipresent. Practically every computer user is capable of using MS-Word. As a technical writer you are more than convinced that Adobe Framemaker is a more powerful soution for developing manuals and books. As a software vendor, you might not be a big fan of MS-Office, but you got to learn to live with it. In other words, every solution (particularly anything involving content) must interface with MS-Office tools. At Vitalect, we have developed an easy mechanism to create content (FAQ, Glossary items) in MS-Word and seamlessly integrate it with course content on our Techniq Platform. This content can easily be cut, copied, pasted and shared across courses. In short, its truly plug and play.

To check out a demo click here.