Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Some Cool Content Navigation Functionality

The explosion of web content and particularly Flash based content, has resulted in challenges related to creating, editing and maintaining such content. Very often, Flash developers generate large Flash files which take forever to load. In the world of Online Learning, such content could turn away even the most committed learners.

To address this challenge the Vitalect Techniq Platform has been enhanced to support content navigation within Flash.

  • This means that content can be developed in small chunks, potentially by different users and seamlessly integrated, with each piece of content being displayed on demand.
  • With this functionality, you no longer have to wait forever until your entire Flash based content loads. Instead, specific components of a course are loaded and displayed on demand.
  • This approach also helps you easily update and edit the content since they are in smaller, more manageable chunks.
  • Finally, the Techniq Platform ensures that you have the ability to share these small chunks of content across courses, helping you realize the advantage of "create once, use many times over"

Click here to see a simple example describing our Techniq Platform using content naviagation feature! (I am proud to say, we eat our own dog food!)