Thursday, July 08, 2004

New Software Release: Techniq Platform 4.0

The latest release of Vitalect Techniq Platform is now available. This is a result of several months of hard work from the Vitalect team incorporating inputs from customers and prospects to enhance the platform and make creation and delivery of content a simpler and painless experience. This release includes several changes to various components of the Techniq Platform including:

Techniq Author: Changes have been made to the authoring system including: the ability to share, search and retrieve content at the lowest level of granularity (images, FAQ, html content etc), the ability to navigate to different parts of a course from the content area, support for print specific content, improved UI, and improved collaboration capabilities for content development.

Techniq Tutor: It is now available both online and offline (Desktop Tutor) with the unique ability to synchronize offline usage.

Techniq LMS: A number of new features have benn added to the Techniq learning management system including support for promotion codes, vastly improved UI, support for Instructor-led courses, ability to view transcript including self-paced, live online and instructor led courses, ability to easily export registration and usage infomation in MS Excel.

Techniq Surveys: An addition to the Vitalect Techniq Platform that lets users get feedback from customers through simple, easy to develop and maintain online surveys. The results of surveys can be exported to MS Excel for analysis.

Techniq Demos: An easy and effective mechanism that helps users maintain and grow their leads, through easy online registration and access to online demos. User lists can easily be exported to MS Excel for email campaigns and lead distribution.

In addition, several improvements that have been made "under the hood" which improve overall performance and reliability. If you have any specific questions, talk to your contact at Vitalect or send email to